If you need to travel to Italy on business, this lesson is a must!! Oh sure, your colleauges will speak English, but wouldn't it be nice to impress them with a few words and phrases in Italian? It would definitely be a good way to break the ice and it never hurts to try to speak THEIR language! And if they try to say something about you in Italian, you'll understand them!! The lesson offers 60 words and phrases, so you'll be able to say things like “We agree,” “Let's sign the contract,” “I can't,” “We have a problem,” “I'll try,” and so much more! Following the lesson is an information segment (in English) which gives you invaluable insight into business protocol in Italy. Brilliant!


With over 40 words and phrases, the "Greetings" lesson ensures you learn the most basic formal and informal greetings including Good morning, Good evening, Hello, Goodbye, Pleased to meet you, and many more! You'll also learn simple words such as Please, Thank you, Excuse me, etc; and basic phrases that will enable you to communicate politely with a local, including "What is your name?/My name is...," "I am American," "I'm on vacation," and other useful phrases. Immediately following the lesson is the information segment (in English) which will give you some insight on Italy, its people and the culture. This lesson is recommended as a prerequisite for all other lessons.

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PRICE:  $10.99              DURATION:  17 min.


Ladies, this is a MUST! Italian men love it when a lady tries to speak Italian! Included in this lesson are over 60 words and phrases that you might say to him and vice versa (since you want to be able to understand what he's saying back to you!) You'll learn phrases like “Hi handsome,” “Call me,” “I like you,” (and “I don't like you!!”) plus heart-filled phrases like “I love you,” “Let's make love,” and so much more! Following the lesson is an information segment in English that gives you insight into the Italian man! If you plan on flirting in Italy, this lesson is a MUST!! And even if you're not going to Italy, this lesson will help you impress that cute Italian guy you've had your eye on! Say a few Italian words in front of his mom and you are IN!


This lesson is for the man who wants to win over her heart with Italian! Whether you pursue a woman in the U.S. or in Italy, this lesson will get you farther than you think! Learn some heart-filled words and phrases that you can say to your sweetheart in Italian! Or learn some inviting phrases that you can say to that Italian girl you hope to meet on your trip to Italy! When in Rome, do as the Romans do...flirt with the ladies and be persistent without being overly agressive! You'll learn to ask if she'd like a drink, if she's with anyone, if she has a boyfriend and so much more! With over 50 words and phrases, you'll learn how to give her some major compliments in Italian (and if you can make her smile, trust me, you're already half way there!)  Following the lesson is an information segment in English-- it will give you all the insight you need to win over an Italian woman!


This lesson will teach you basic words and phrases as an introduction to the Italian language. You'll learn 45 basic words and phrases like “How are you”, “My name is...” and “I am American.” Following the lesson is an information segment in English that gives you some general information about Italy and its people. This is a good starter lesson for anyone interested in learning the language.

Whether you'd like to learn how to greet your friends, business partners or relatives, we've got you covered! We'll even teach you what to say to that hot Italian guy or woman you've been trying to meet! 

Each lesson consists of a language lesson as well as an informative cultural segment in English.  View the previews below and then purchase the lesson you'd like to download onto your computer, tablet or mobile device!

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