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LEARN ITALIAN EASY is an Italian language video series that teaches you just enough to get by and impress! It differs from other language courses in that you'll learn only the words and phrases related to a particular subject of your choice. No grammar or verb conjugations! Just choose the subject matter that interests you and learn only the words and phrases related to that particular subject! You can download the video onto your computer, tablet or mobile device and learn as you watch, listen and repeat! It's that easy!

Our teaching format is also unique... Each video includes a Guest Student so you'll hear hear your teacher pronounce the word, then the student, and then the teacher again.  The reason is twofold: It breaks up the monotony of hearing just one voice, and it allows the teacher to correct mispronunciations because chances are, if the student mispronounces it, you're likely to make the same mistake at home! At the end of the lesson there is also an informative segment in English where you'll learn a little about the culture as it relates to that particular subject. 


"People look at me and say “Is she REALLY Italian?” Hmmm, let’s see…I was born to Italian immigrants, I have Italian citizenship (as well as U.S. citizenship), I spoke Italian before I spoke English, I lived in Italy during and after my graduate business school program, I worked as a journalist in Italy writing articles in Italian, and of course I taught Italian as a private tutor throughout various stages of my career. Oh, and did I mention that my family still jars tomato sauce and makes homemade wine?! Yes, I’m Italian!

I created this website because I wanted to make it easy for people to learn Italian, especially those that didn’t have the time or patience to learn the language from A to Z. I found that there were so many people who wanted to learn simple words and phrases that they could use when ordering food at a local Italian restaurant, or while meeting Italian friends and relatives, or while flirting with a man or woman, etc. but they were unwilling to learn the language from scratch to get to that point. They wanted to learn words associated with topics THEY were interested in, and they wanted to do it FAST and EASY, without having to learn the grammar or verb conjugations. And so LEARN ITALIAN EASY was born.

How much can you learn without verb conjugations and grammar? A LOT! Think about it—how do children learn the language in Italian-speaking homes? They just listen to their parents and repeat everything! My point is that children listen and repeat—they absorb the language like a sponge. They don’t know the grammar or verb conjugations. They just listen, repeat and eventually put it all together. Now granted, it’s more difficult with adults since we have less time and patience, but I’ve made it SO easy and SO fun, that all you have to do is download the videos and start listening to learn this beautiful language!

Maybe it will inspire you to take a full-immersion Italian course—I recommend it! But only for those who have the time and dedication to learn the language in its entirety. For now, there’s LEARN ITALIAN EASY where you’ll learn just enough to get by and impress!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it!"

- Emilia Ciatti