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1. What does the video download include?
The video download has a lesson and an information segment. The lesson shows the creator of LearnItalianEasy™, Emilia Ciatti, teaching a beginner student words and phrases on a particular subject. Each word or phrase is repeated 3 times, sometimes more if the student mispronounces it. Following the lesson is an information segment (in English) which teaches you about that particular subject including customs and other relevant information. For example “ALL ABOUT COFFEE” teaches you words and phrases in the lesson segment, and then it teaches you all the different types of Italian coffee drinks and customs in the information segment.

2. Why is there a student in the video?
The student is there so that when he/she mispronounces a word, you will hear the teacher correct him/her. Since you will most likely make the same mistakes at home, and the teacher isn’t there to correct you, you will benefit from hearing the wrong pronunciation as well as the correct one on-camera.

3. How many words and phrases are in each video?
It depends on the subject. Look in the “BUY LESSON” area, where you will see descriptions to each lesson including how many words and phrases are in that particular video.

4. How long is each video?
Videos range from 10 to 20 minutes in length. Each description found under “BUY LESSONS” will tell you the approximate length of the video.

5. Do I have to take the RECOMMENDED LESSONS that are shown in the descriptions?
No. You can learn words and phrases from each video without having to take the recommended lessons shown in the descriptions. Although they are not mandatory, the recommended lessons give you a more thorough understanding of the language.

6. Does the founder of LearnItalianEasy™, Emilia Ciatti, teach all the lessons?

7. How do I know what video format will work on my computer?
To view the lesson on your PC, purchase the WMV file as this will open up in your Windows Media Player on your computer. To view the lesson on a MAC, iphone, ipod, or ipad, purchase the MP4 file. This type of file will work with your iTunes player as well.

8. Why is the video taking so long to download on my computer?
Most video files are less than 100 MB so it shouldn't take that long to download. The speed depends on your computer processor and internet connection.

9. Why can’t I view the video on my computer?
You may have purchased the wrong file format for your computer. We'll make sure we send you the right one if you can't view it! Just email for technical assistance (this is the fastest way to get a response as we will already have your email and can just quickly send you a solution). 

10. Do you offer DVD’s of your lessons?

No we currently don’t offer this service.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer credit card payment only through a secure partnership with  We currently do not offer PayPal.

12. How do I order more than 1 lesson?

Each lesson must be downloaded 1 at a time in order to insure a fully-secure transaction. Therefore, you will go through the payment process each time you purchase a lesson.