I hope you'll never need to say these Italian words and phrases but if you should find yourself in a little emergency while traveling in Italy, these will surely come in handy! With over 30 words and phrases, you'll learn how to ask for a doctor; call the police or an ambulance; communicate that your purse, wallet or passport has been stolen; that you are hurt or not feeling well; that are you allergic to something; and much more. The lesson is followed by an information segment (in English) which will give you safety tips and suggestions for traveling throughout Italy. You'll also learn about Italian pharmacies, including hours of operation and prescriptions, the difference between "dottore" and "medico," and emergency "911" numbers in Italy. A short, yet necessary Italian lesson for anyone planning to travel to Italy!

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PRICE: $7.99              DURATION: 13 min.


You've decided to drive in Italy…well then you better know a thing or two about their "autostrada" or you'll regret ever setting foot in that car! This lesson teaches you over 50 words and phrases that will benefit your driving experience, from "I need a rental car" to "How far is it?" to words like gas station, traffic light, license, directions, and all other car-driving related words! But the best part of this lesson is the information segment (in English) where you'll learn  invaluable information regarding speed limits, gas, highways, toll fares, and so much more! Don't drive in Italy without taking this lesson!


Planning a trip to Italy? This lesson will teach you all the Italian words and phrases you need to know for your Italian subway experience! You'll learn words like "subway," "subway stop," "entrance," "exit," and phrases like "Where is the subway?" "Which line do I take to go to...?" and "I'd like a subway ticket." With over 35 Italian words and phrases combined, you'll learn just enough to get by (literally!) After the lesson is an information segment in English that gives you some insight as to where to buy subway tickets, how much they cost and what you can expect from riding the subway in Italy.  


This lesson is a MUST if you plan on getting your hair done in Italy! Whether you want a haircut, color or blowdry, this lesson will teach you key words and phrases that will help you communicate with the hairdresser. With over 50 words and phrases, you'll learn how to express your feelings about the cut, color and style; how much it costs; what length you'd like; how many layers, etc. The information segment that follows the lesson gives you some tips (in English!) on getting your hair done in Italy whethr it's a cut, blowout or highlights. Italian hairdressers are true artists so don't miss the opportunity! And if you chicken out in Italy, you can always impress that Italian hairdresser here at home ;)

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If you're planning a trip to Italy, you should know a few words and phrases that will help you get around whether it's by train, subway or bus.  And if you're planning on driving there, you should definitely know a little about their toll system and parking regulations.  Planning on walking around mostly? Ok, then you might want to catch a soccer match or maybe even get your hair done at an Italian salon! And if you run into any unfortunate situations (let's hope not!), you might want to know some words and phrases that will help you get out of whatever trouble you've gotten yourself into!

The following lessons can help with all of the above! You'll learn Italian words and phrases that will come handy while traveling in the first part of the lesson, and then some invaluable information based on the subject you choose below..

View the previews below and then purchase the lesson you'd like to download onto your computer, tablet or mobile device! It's that simple!


Ahh, the sun, the sand, the sea…let's go to the beach! For those of you who plan on going to one of Italy's many beautiful beaches, this lesson will teach you over 60 words and phrases regarding all things beach-related! Learn how to ask for a lounge chair; how to discuss the weather; how to ask someone to take a picture of you; and so much more! Following the lesson is an information segment in English which takes you through the most popular Italian beaches with beautiful pictures and suggestions! Not going to Italy anytime soon? That's ok! Learn some words and phrases to impress that Italian boyfriend or girlfriend--imaginary ones included!


If you plan on getting around by bus during your trip to Italy (and I highly recommend it if you want to save on cab fare!), this lesson is a must! With over 40 words and phrases combined, this lesson teaches you how to ask for a bus ticket, what stop to get off at, and words that will be useful for directions such as "straight ahead" and "on the left." You'll even learn how to say “Don't push!" (a phrase you'll use often, I promise you!!)  At the end of the lesson is an information segment in English which will give you an overview of the bus system including bus fare, where to buy tickets, and tips on how to avoid pick-pocketers on the bus!


Getting around by train in Italy is easy when you know how to ask and respond to some basic questions in Italian! This video is a preview of the Italian lesson "Getting Around by Train" which will teach you 50 words and phrases that will come in handy when traveling by rail. After the lesson is an information segment in English where you'll learn all about the Italian railway system. For example, you'll learn the difference between EuroStar and InterCity trains, how and when to validate your ticket, the different options that come with each ticket (1st class/ 2nd class, seat reservations, high-speed fees, etc), and you'll also learn about Eurail Pass options to determine which one is best for you. Happy travels! 


if you plan on going to a soccer match in Italy, you'll want to learn a few words to show your appreciation for their national sport! Not going to Italy? Then Impress your friend or loved one the next time you're watching a soccer match-- you might just score in more ways than one ;) This lesson is relatively short but includes 53 words and phrases combined! Following the lesson is an information segment (in English) which gives you an overviw of this Italian sport and includes tips on how (and when) to see a soccer match in Italy!

PRICE: $7.99             DURATION: 12 min.