If you've ever wanted to learn how to order food or drinks in Italian, here's your chance!

Each of these lessons will teach you some basic words and phrases related to food or drinks.  At the end of each lesson is an informative segment (in English) that will give you some insight into the Italian culture as well.  So whether you're planning a trip to Italy or just want to learn some words and phrases to impress your loved one, boss or friend the next time you're in an Italian restaurant, this lesson is perfect for you!

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PRICE:  $10.99        DURATION:  15 min


This lesson is super useful, whether you're going to a restaurant in Italy or that little Italian restaurant in your neighborhood! Imagine answering the Italian waiter or waitress in Italian when they ask what you'd like to order (especially if you're ordering for a loved one!) With 101 words and phrases combined, you'll learn foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You'll also learn practical phrases so that you'll be able to reserve a table, alert the waiter about a food allergy, comment on a meal, ask for bottled water, and so much more! (For a more detailed lesson on just ordering drinks and cocktails, check out the lesson on ORDERING DRINKS.) Following the lesson is an information segment in English that explains Italian eating customs along with tipping protocol and interesting facts about the Italian culture. 

PRICE:  $10.99        DURATION:  15 min


Attention all pasta lovers! In this lesson, you'll learn ingredients, sauces, pasta types, how to describe your pasta ("I like it," "It's salty," "It's too spicy") and so much more! The information segment that follows the lesson includes a pictorial of sauces and pastas (short, long and baked) with desciptions in English. Why rely on the waiter when you can translate those popular dishes yourself?! You'll also learn interesting facts regarding Fettuccine Alfredo and Spaghetti & Meatballs, plus Italian customs when it comes to eating pasta! This is a fun lesson whether you want to learn the language or simply learn more about pasta! 

PRICE:  $12.99         DURATION:  21 min


If you're planning on doing some drinking in Italy, this is the perfect lesson for you! This lesson will teach you over 65 words and phrases you'll need "to get by and impress" in an Italian bar--69 to be exact! You'll learn how to order a glass of wine, how to describe your cocktail to the bartender, how to ask for a wine list; fun phrases like "I'm drunk" and "Another please!" and so much more! Immediately following the lesson is an information segment in English which will give you some insight on the Italian bar scene including popular Italian drinks and customs. Even if you don't plan on going to Italy, you can always impress a friend, client or loved one if you order a drink at a local Italian restaurant! 

PRICE:  $10.99         DURATION:  15 min


This is a fun lesson that will come in handy whether you're in a pizzeria in Italy or at your local pizza joint! The full lesson covers over 40 Italian words and phrases relating to pizza, whether it's commenting on the taste, ordering a pizza and beer, or understanding the ingredients! Following the Italian lesson is an information segment in English that takes you through a colorful pictorial of different types of pizzas (napoletana/romana) as well as different forms (by the slice/personalized brick-oven) and even pizza names! After you're done with this lesson, you'll know all the toppings to the most popular pizzas so you won't have to rely on the waiter to tell you! 

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